Michael Kennedy McIntyre’s Successful Postconviction Remedies

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McIntyre & Associates
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A respected Atlanta law firm, Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates provides clients with dedicated support in their efforts to gain release from prison and overcome restrictions placed on them related to past convictions. Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates offers a comprehensive approach to postconviction cases and takes pride in its positive results.

One case successfully handled involved a recidivist who did not have parole eligibility due to his status as a repeat offender. Attorneys assisted the client in the filing of a “Motion to Correct Void or Illegal Sentence.” After a granting of the motion, the client gained parole eligibility and was subsequently released on parole.

Another case involved a statutory rape sentence that carried with it a minimum of 10 years in prison. With the court unaware of a recently introduced sentencing provision that granted discretion to impose a shorter than mandatory minimum sentence, the law firm filed a “Motion to Correct Void or Illegal Sentence.” This resulted in a lessening of the sentence and the client’s release after serving less than six years.