Georgia Sex Offense Cases

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Based in Atlanta, Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates offers knowledgeable representation to Georgia clients who have been convicted and sentenced in felony cases. Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates‘ attorneys are experienced in achieving prisoner release from confinement through parole. In one case, a client had been sentenced to a 10-year custodial sentence related to statutory rape, sexual exploitation of a child, and enticing a child for indecent purposes. The client’s legal representation at the initial parole consideration resulted in release on parole after 37 percent (44 months) of the custodial sentence had been served. In representing those who have been convicted of sex offenses, the practice is always cognizant that sex offenders face a variety of additional state-mandated restrictions and requirements at the time of release from prison. These often include a classification process and mandatory participation in the Georgia sex offender registry. The firm has experience in the petitioning process that enables convicted sex offenders to be removed from the Georgia sex offender registry.