Successful Parole Petitions in Georgia Drug Cases

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McIntyre & Associates

Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates is a well-established Atlanta law practice that provides individuals with postconviction representation which assists them in being released from prison on parole. Among Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates’ successful results are cases involving drug convictions. In one case, a client was sentenced to two years of incarceration for the possession of methamphetamine. After the Parole Board initially denied parole, the client hired the firm to represent him. A request for the Parole Board to reconsider their decision involved the presentation of new relevant information and yielded a release on parole after service of 15 months, instead of 24 months. Another case involved a 10-year custodial sentence related to heroin possession with intent to distribute. The law firm represented the client at the initial parole consideration and achieved release after 41 months, or just over one-third of the custodial sentence. With these results in mind, it is important to note that each case is unique and results are never guaranteed.