Life Sentence and Parole in Georgia

Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates is an Atlanta, Georgia-based law firm that specializes in post-conviction representation. The firm offers a broad range of services and employs two former Parole Board employees to assist with the firm’s parole cases. Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates also work with offenders sentenced to life in prison. According to the State of Georgia Laws, the Parole Board will review cases of offenders sentenced to a defined period of time as they become eligible for parole and set a Tentative Parole Month (TPM). The TPM is the date when the Parole Board will make the final review of a case and decide whether to grant parole or not. However, for offenders sentenced to a life sentence, the TPM does not apply. The Parole Board reviews the cases of life offenders as they become eligible and decides whether or not to grant parole and, if parole is not granted, they decide the date on which the Parole Board will review the case again. The Parole Board will reconsider life sentence cases a minimum of every eight years. Crimes committed before 1995 and deemed one of “seven deadly sins” become eligible for parole consideration on a life sentence after seven years. Similar crimes committed in 1995 and later become eligible for parole consideration after 14 years on a life sentence. However, since July 1, 2006, such crimes only gain eligibility for parole consideration after thirty years on a life sentence.