Georgia Sexual Offender Registration Review Board

Atlanta-based law firm Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates practices in the field of post-conviction representation including representation before the Georgia Sexual Offender Registration Review Board, commonly referred to as SORRB. SORRB is responsible for determining the likelihood that a sexual offender will engage in another crime against a minor victim or commit a dangerous sexual offense. A sexual offender shall be placed into one of the three risk assessment classifications based upon SORRB’s assessment criteria and information obtained and reviewed by SORRB. The three risk assessment classifications are a Level I risk assessment classification, a Level II risk assessment classification, or a sexually dangerous predator classification. The offender may provide SORRB with information for SORRB’s consideration prior to a decision by SORRB. If SORRB determines that an offender will be classified as a Level II risk assessment classification or as a sexually dangerous predator, the offender may petition SORRB to reevaluate his or her classification by filing a petition for reclassification within 30 days from the date on the letter which contains SORRB’s risk assessment classification decision. The risk assessment classification of an offender is reported on the Georgia Sex Offender Registry which is maintained by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.