Post Conviction Remedies in Georgia

Michael Kennedy is an attorney in Micheal Kennedy Mclntyre & Associates, located in Atlanta, Georgia. His firm practices exclusively in the field of post-conviction representation. At Michael Kennedy Mclntyre and Associates, the firm has the expertise to evaluate the post-conviction options available to clients convicted of crimes in Georgia and federal crimes. If you have been convicted of a crime in Georgia, you have a number of post-conviction remedies at your disposal to help you challenge your conviction. A motion for a new trial is the first option. Rather than an appeal, it allows the same judge who presided over your trial to fix his or her error. This is not a required step; you can skip it and proceed straight to an appeal. If your application for a new trial is denied or you choose to let it go, the next step is a direct appeal. Unless you are convicted of murder, your direct appeal will be reviewed by the Court of Appeals of Georgia. Direct appeals of a murder conviction are reviewed by the Supreme Court of Georgia.