Petition for Removal from the Georgia Sex Offender Registry Process

Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates deals exclusively in post-conviction representation. One of the services Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates offers clients is representation for removal from the Georgia Sex Offender Registry. Before the application for removal from the sex offender registry, the individual must confirm eligibility based on several factors. The factors include completion of required incarceration, parole, probation, and supervision as part of the sentence. If completed, other variables to be removed from the registry include completion of 10 years since the sentence and a Level 1 (low) risk assessment designation by the Sex Offender Registration and Review Board (SORRB). Six other additional criteria mainly cover using deadly weapons, physical restraint, physical harm, and transporting the victim during the offense. If eligible, the individual files a petition for release in the county’s Superior Court at the location of conviction or residence, if from out of state. Copies of the petition should be sent to the sheriff and district attorney of both counties. If the SORRB has not classified the offender, as happens if there was no recent conviction, the court orders a risk assessment and classification within 90 days. If the classification is above the level I, the individual can appeal. If at Level I or 10 years have been served, the individual is eligible to request removal from the registry. The removal case proceeds to a hearing for determination.