Three Categories of Inmates Ineligible for Parole in Georgia

An attorney who leads a team of associates in Atlanta, Georgia, Michael Kennedy McIntyre has headed his firm since 1985. Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates handles postconviction representation including representation before the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles. Most Georgia inmates have the legal right of parole consideration unless they fall into one or more of the three following categories. First and foremost, any inmate serving a life sentence without parole cannot file for parole consideration. Second, any inmate serving a non-life sentence for a serious felony committed after December 31, 1994, is ineligible for parole due to the Georgia General Assembly passage of State Bill 441. Felony crimes covered by this bill include armed robbery, kidnapping, and aggravated sexual battery. Third, the Georgia court system cannot grant parole to inmates who have received more than three felony convictions under a recidivist sentence. Although individuals who are unencumbered by the above restrictions are automatically eligible for parole consideration, the Georgia Parole Board must approve any form of clemency for all state inmates.