What Is a Habeas Corpus Action?

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Michael Kennedy, Mcintyre & Associates
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Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the lawyers at Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates have decades of experience in state and federal postconviction representation. Michael Kennedy McIntyre & Associates strives to deliver the highest level of professional excellence in habeas corpus actions. Habeas corpus is a legal action by which individuals unlawfully imprisoned can seek relief. The right of habeas corpus is included in the United States Constitution to prevent the government from labeling someone a criminal and imprisoning them without ever giving them an opportunity to appear in a court of law. State habeas corpus relief may be sought by the filing of a state habeas corpus application by any individual imprisoned as a result of a sentence imposed by a Georgia court. A state habeas corpus application alleges that an individual’s custody is unconstitutional based upon what occurred prior to, or during, the individual’s trial or plea hearing. Habeas corpus is a complicated process with many possible claims that could lead to relief from convictions and sentences.