About Michael Kennedy McIntyre

michael kennedy mcintyre & associates.pngFor more than three decades, Michael Kennedy McIntyre has had his own law firm. Michael Kennedy McIntyre and Associates, a law firm in Atlanta, Georgia, practices exclusively in the field of post-conviction criminal defense. As a firm focusing on issues such as release from imprisonment and restrictions related to parole and probation, McIntyre and Associates can provide clients with a full range of options for navigating the legal obstacles that follow a criminal conviction.

Michael K. McIntyre and his team of attorneys are particularly helpful throughout the course of parole cases with the Georgia Parole Board. The law firm begins by clearly outlining the parole process for the client, thoroughly reviewing and preparing the client’s case for consideration by the Parole Board and monitoring the client’s case throughout the parole process. The firm also works with a client’s family and instructs them on how to be most helpful during the parole process.

Additional parole services include communicating with Georgia Parole Board officials and submitting mitigating information on behalf of their clients. Mr. McIntyre and his staff also provide services relevant to removing clients from the Georgia Sex Offender Registry.